Creating Hero Images As Part Of A Successful Website Relaunch

Designing photo-realistic lifestyle images for Classic Mantels. 

What was slowing or stopping their progress

The Challenge

Michael at Classic Mantels wanted stunning hero images for the launch of his redesigned website.

The Goal

To promote sales of their range of classic fireplaces on their newly redesigned website and other marketing materials.

Challenges to overcome

  • Michael felt arranging studio photography for a range of fireplaces would be a logistical nightmare and be cost prohibitive.
  • Michael also had a clear vision of showing his mantels off in Victorian homes and wanted highly personalised interior decor that would match the colours of his website. This wouldn’t be achievable with studio photography.
  • He also needed someone with the expertise to create photo-realistic representations of his wooden and stone fireplace
studio photography (1)

Using a physical photoshoot wasn't a possibility for Classic Mantels. They were looking for to showcase their mantels in Victorian homes and need the ability to truly personalise the decor.

marble-case-study (1)

This is one of the photos Classic Mantels sent us. From this photo and from the dimensions of the mantel we were able to create an accurate and photo-realistic models of the fireplace.

Step 1

The Solution

Michael knew using CGI would be the solution he needed and contacted us after seeing a social media post.

How did the project start?

With CGI there’s no need to bring your fire/fireplace to us or for us to come to you.

The fire/fireplace doesn’t even need to be properly set up. In Michael’s case, their mantels were photographed on his camera phone in the back of his warehouse. 

They then sent us the dimensions of each mantel…job done.

Step 2

The Solution

Creating lifestyle images that matched their customer's homes.

How we created the unique room-settings

Once we had created models of Michael’s fireplaces we started work on designing the rooms.

After a brief discussion, we understood what Michael was looking for.

We carried out some interior design research and created a design brief including images of some beautiful living rooms that we felt matched the look, style and feel Michael was going for.

We then paired the style of these rooms to their mantels and the colour palette of their new website.

classic-fireplaces-case-study-mood-board (1)

A couple of images we used for inspiration to create a new bespoke room design, and the colour palette from Classic Mantel's new website.

Click the arrows to see the models and rooms we created. You can also click on each to enlarge each one.

What was achieved

The Result

We created three photo-realistic hero images of Classic Mantel's surrounds that they proudly use on the home page of their new website to promote their product offerings.

The output

From starting the project to completion in 14 days with minimal input and time needed from the client.

  • 3 mantels modelled
  • 3 personalised rooms created
  • 3 4K Lifestyle shots delivered

Results in numbers

4K Images delivered
Day Turnaround
1 %
Delighted Client

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