Increasing sales through superior quality images

Designing photo-realistic lifestyle images and models for Bespoke Fireplaces

What was slowing or stopping their progress

The Challenge

Steven at Bespoke Fireplaces had contracted a previous supplier to make CGI imagery but was disappointed with the process and outcome.

The Goal

To promote and increase sales of their recently added range of three-sided electric fires. They wanted fantastic lifestyle imagery that would appear in their marketing materials and ‘wow’ customers.

Challenges to overcome

  • Finding a quality CGI designer or agency.
  • Finding someone who understands how to create realistic versions of their fuel bed, flames and stone types.
  • Finding someone who can get on with the work and free up more of Steven’s time.


graphic design team (1)

Finding the right design partner to can be very difficult

bespoke-install (1)

An installation photo Steven gave us a reference image for the type of rooms he wanted us to create.

The Solution

Steven got in touch after seeing we had previous experience in the fireplace industry and now worked solely on behalf of it.

How did the project start?

Steven sent some installation photos he wanted us to use as inspiration. (Remember no actual photos are used in our images, we create everything from scratch).

He also sent over photos of the fires and their dimensions.

Based on these, we then created a draft image of each room.

Click the arrows to see some of the models and rooms we created. You can also click on each to enlarge each one.

What was achieved

The Result

We created 6 photo-realistic lifestyle images that Bespoke Fireplaces can use to wow their customers and make more sales.

The output

From starting the project to completion in 14 days with minimal input and time needed from the client.

  • 6 fires modelled
  • 6 new personalised rooms created
  • 6 4K Lifestyle shots delivered

Since the project finished we have continued to work together to produce the highest quality mages of their fires.

Results in numbers

4K Images delivered
Day Turnaround
1 %
Delighted Client

In Steven's Words

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