Create Remarkable Fireplace Imagery For less

Upgrade your product marketing for a fraction of the price and hassle of camera photography with our fully computer-based design service.

We believe It shouldn't be such a hassle to get amazing images of your products

Say No To Camera Photography

Say Yes To Remarkable visuals whilst cutting Costs By Up to 75% and removing all of the hassle

Make your products stand out, wow people, and help your business grow with a superior product marketing service that costs far less than traditional photography.

Exclusively for the Fireplace Industry

UpSpark Digital is on a mission to bring the highest quality CGI to more fireplace businesses producing ultra-sharp, high-resolution, photo-realistic images at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.

Any Product

Any Room Type

Any Decor

Any Angle

Why we know it's a no-brainer to work with us

Typical Photography Vs. Our Service

camera Photography

Our Service

£1400 per photo

£350 per design

Can't customise design later

Customise anytime

Costs time and money to set up

Fully computer generated

Limited room styles, decor and accessories

Limitless Options

  • Typical Photography
  • Our Service
Typical PhotographyOur Service
plus associated costs per photo
per design
Can Customise Design LaterAnytime
Set-up CostsTime and moneyFully computer generated so no set-up costs
Limited Interiors And AccessoriesLimited options to dress the roomLimitless choice
Image AngleLimited choice of anglesLimitless choice
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How it works

Information Gathering

You give us photos of your products and their dimensions. We discuss room designs with you and send you a design brief for you to approve.


We show you draft images of your products. You either approve them or ask for changes.


We send you the completed photo-realistic 4K images.

Three mistakes clients have told us they made before

How we take the hassle out of getting great imagery of your products

Our Fireplace Industry Focus and Expertise Saves You Time And Hassle

We are focused on improving the product imagery of ambitious businesses exclusively within the fireplace industry. We have direct experience and expertise in the industry having worked in retail, manufacture and installation. This means we know Carrara from Calacatta, and a gas flame from electric so there’s no need to explain stuff to us. We just get on with it.

Photo-realistic Results

Our designers have been carefully selected for their expertise in creating photo-realistic lifestyle images and accurately modelling flames, fires and fireplaces. 

Images Built To Make You Sales

Our room settings or lifestyle images are personalized to your exact requirements. We’re not limited by what props we have available, the sky really is the limit. Pixel by pixel a room is designed to ensure your product stands out and resonates with your target customers.

Proof that we aren't talking nonsense


"Freed me up to do my job. Great simple service. Other suppliers lack the understanding of the fireplace industry, the sizes, the designs etc. Upspark’s understanding of the industry made it so much easier."

Steven, Bespoke Fireplaces


"We used a different photography company previously and the results are night and day. Wow! Over the moon with what we've received from Upspark."

John, Focal Point


Still find it difficult to believe that the whole imagery has been created as opposed to photographed. Fantastically smooth process and service with an excellent end result. Genuinely extremely impressed with the outcome.

Monair, Interiors 4 Living


Learn more about our service

Download our price list or have a read at some of the projects we've worked on.

Got a question?


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We produce our designs exclusively for businesses within the fireplace industry.

Typical businesses are electric fire, gas fire and stove manufacturers as well fireplace surround manufacturers and bespoke fireplace retailers.

We can typically create new visual assets for any type of product within the fireplace industry. Here are some examples:

  • Stone Surrounds
  • Wooden Surrounds
  • Stoves
  • Gas Fires
  • Electric Fires
  • Bioethanol Fires

Most of clients are in the UK but yes, we love to help people and businesses within the fireplace industry right around the world.

The company is based in Glasgow, Scotland.