about us

Our Mission:

We help businesses generate more sales by using their website to position them as the expert in their field, thereby increasing their credibility and heightening demand for what they sell.

What stands us apart

our Client Focus

We're not just in the business of building better websites, we're here to build better businesses.

There’s enough website designers and agencies out there. But we really don’t see ourselves as one of them. 99.9% of these businesses will build you a website without considering what outcomes you want for you and your business. They’ll build you a website but if that doesn’t provide extra value for the business then what’s the point?

Everything we do is centred around creating client value in four areas:

How we focus on

Creating Client Value

Saving you Money

There’s so many people who offer you services that end up providing little in return. Our business is built round the idea that you should quickly see a return on your investment. Our clients always see a return with 90 days.

Making you money

We don’t just build you a website, our services are built to build up your credibility, increase your online visibility and get you more enquiries. 

Saving you time

We know how hard you work and how little free time you have for the techy things you just don’t enjoy. We save you time and leave you to do the things you do best by doing all the techy things for you.

Avoiding Pain

Your website can be a right pain in the…neck. We built our business to relieve the frustrations or the feelings of neglect that most business owners in industry feel towards their websites.

about us

Meet the owner

Chris R Boyd is the owner of Upspark Digital. He has made a career out of marketing having worked in larger organisations in marketing management positions:

“I decided I wanted to transition to working for myself and found a job that would allow me to work on that whilst bringing in a wage.

I found a job in a Fireplace showroom working as a Project Manager. Over the next 4 years I ended up working across 3 showrooms doing all sorts of jobs: surveying, designing fireplaces, sales & marketing…you name it I did it.”

Understanding the Fireplace Industry

These experiences enabled him to understand how the industry worked and led him to the opportunity to launch Upspark Digital in the spring of 2020.


Having worked hand in hand with installers, retail owners and manufacturers he understands what it takes to run a successful trade business. He knows what consumers want and expect, and from his time working in showrooms has gained great insight into the mind of the fireplace consumer.

Making it work for clients

With his background in marketing he is able to draw on these insights to enable businesses to look more credible in the eyes of the consumer and craft websites that persuade people to buy.

Chris is an experienced Brand builder and marketer. Together with his  small but capable team he helps to grow businesses within the fireplace industry through increasing their online visibility and persuading more consumers that they are the right business to choose.

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Who we want to work with

Are you passionate about your business but hate the techy stuff you know you should be doing more of to keep it growing? Do you neglect your website or are left feeling frustrated by it?

We’re crazy about enabling ambitious, hardworking people do what they love.

We want to hear from you if you want to: