Chris R Boyd

Chris R Boyd

Founder, Upspark Digital

A Fireplace Industry Marketing Platform

It’s no secret that the fireplace industry is very fragmented. Businesses are scattered across the country, independent and with little to no opportunities for national or collective advertising.

Manufacturers produce great products and retailers are great at selling but who is responsible for the bit in the middle – the marketing bit that grows demand for products and creates desire at a national level?

In the past, we have worked separately and focused on our own marketing, often with inconsistent results that don’t get the attention they need due to lack of resources or expertise.

We could continue to do that – marketing independently from one another and viewing other fireplace companies as our competition. Or we could choose to see the bigger picture – that our real competitors are other industries who we compete with for homeowners’ money.

Other industries, like the bathroom industry have grown considerably over the last twenty years. The industry has larger national retail and manufacturing companies that have the resources to spend big on promoting their products and as a by-product, grow the industry. As a result, people’s attitudes to spending on their bathrooms have changed and there is a desire to spend more of their hard-earned money on bathrooms, leaving less money for other purchases such as a fireplace.

To really grow the fireplace industry either we need a company (or companies) to become a large player in both manufacture and retail who would have the deep pockets needed to advertise nationally and consistently like Wren in kitchens, DFS in sofas or Victoria Plum in bathrooms. The problem with this would be that although it would grow the industry it would leave less in the pot for independents.

The alternative is to have a national platform for the industry that is capable of executing at this level but where the sales are shared amongst it’s independent members.

We can give our industry a national voice, create greater opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to reach more people and sell more products, and position ourselves as the smart choice for consumers who want to keep their homes warm and cosy.

The lack of an industry-wide marketing platform has resulted in less business for independent manufacturers and retailers.

We shouldn’t be fighting over those customers who want a fireplace but be collectively working to create wants and desires in people who wouldn’t have otherwise thought about buying a fireplace. There is a big opportunity for growth in this but, no one company has the resources to achieve it. Only collectively can this be done.

To keep our industry healthy, and to maximize sales for all, we need to join together and create a collective, national marketing platform that engages current and future customers.

With this in mind, my objectives are to:

  1. Provide the technology and marketing resources to give the fireplace industry a national and collective platform in which to promote it’s products.
  2. Enable the platform to compete on a national level with other established businesses in other industries, increasing the desire for fireplace products and grow the industry
  3. Empower independent manufacturers and retailers to reach more customers, sell more products and generate bigger profits.

Therefore, I want to announce the upcoming launch of a national and collective marketing platform specifically designed to grow the fireplace industry.

The platform will aggregate all of the best products in the industry and provide consumers with advanced search and filtering to find the exact product they need, and where best to buy it.

It will also have an online fireplace magazine element to it with articles on the latest trends and guides as well providing visually stunning lifestyle images for inspiration.

Putting together a team of top digital and marketing specialists we will use many marketing channels such as content marketing and SEO to promote the industry’s products and businesses. Also, by using the platform as central hub for the industry we can partner with multiple manufacturers and retailers and carry out joint national advertising and marketing campaigns that bring leads to businesses and increase the desire for fireplace products overall. 

At launch and going forward, the number of retailers and manufacturers promoted on the platform will be limited as we look to promote the middle to high-end of the industry and create a modern perception of the industry for the 2020’s and beyond.

The platform is not owned by any fireplace retailer or manufacturer. It is independent, neutral and free of any supplier or retailer bias. This I believe is very important to the future success of the platform both from creating trust within the industry and with consumers.

If you are interested in learning more about the platform launch then register your name and email (using our contact form via the button below) or book a call with me using the link below.

All the best,

Chris Boyd

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